Yearling Sale set for tomorrow (Nov 15) – 56 entries – checkout horses on offer


KINGSTON, Jamaica – The 2020 Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA) Yearling Sale takes place tomorrow (November 15) starting at 10:00 am in the official car park at Caymanas Park.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions there will be a limited amount of people allowed in the car park but the event will be streamed live and potential buyers can make their purchases digitally via the zoom platform but must first get in touch with TOBA.

Approximately 56 horses will be on offer. will be reporting on the sale from the start.

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Lot Foaling Date Color/Sex Pedigree Consignor
1 May 21, 2019 Bay / Colt Savoy Stomp (USA)  out of River Rhythm  (USA) Angela Atkinson
2 May 8, 2019 Bay/ Colt Vancouver (AUS) out of Awesome Lucy (USA) Derrick Gayle
3 May 10, 2019 Bay/ Colt Bern Identity (USA)  out of Moonlight Brew (USA) Paradise at Spring Village
4 Feb. 23, 2019 Bay/Filly Casual Trick (USA) out of Twinkling Rose Alfred E. Morrission
5 May 7, 2019 Chestnut/Filly Bern Identity (USA) out of Storm Tracker Dr. Patrick Graham
6 April 1, 2019 Bay/ Colt Bern Identity (USA) out of Wonder Girl Paradise at Spring Village
7 Feb. 16, 2019 Chestnut / Colt Traditional (USA) out of Impetus Lakeland Farms
8 March 5, 2019 Chestnut / Filly Bern Identity(USA)  out of Pomeroy’s Secret Hewan Elliott
9 Feb. 23, 2019 Bay / Filly Storm Craft (USA) out of  Dream Big Lakeland Farms
10 April 13,2019 Chestnut/Colt Key To Power (USA)  out of Yield To Faith (USA) Paradise at Spring Village
11 April 30, 2019 Bay / Colt Northern  Giant (USA) out of Awesome Camille Shirley McKesey & Joseph McKesey
12 April 5, 2019 Chestnut / Filly Bern Identity (USA) out of Twist and Turn Hewan Elliott
13 Feb.25, 2019 Bay / Colt Northern Giant (USA)  out of Just a Flutter Bruce Levy
14 April 12, 2019 Bay / Filly Northern Giant (USA) out of Liquid Lady Y.S.(1955) Limited
15 Feb. 26, 2019 Chestnut / Colt Legal Process (USA) out of Fantasy Lakeland Farms
16 March 5, 2019 Bay / Colt Casual Trick (USA) out of She Can Preach Darren McKenzie
17 Feb. 18, 2019 Chestnut / Filly Northern Giant (USA) out of Tap A Bay Yankee (USA) Y.S.(1955) Limited
18 March 30, 2019 Bay / Filly Jess’s Dream (USA) out of Little Priscilla (USA) HAM Stables
19 April 23, 2019 Bay/Colt Traditional (USA) out of Kiri Paradise at Spring Village
20 April 20, 2019 Bay/ Filly Midnight Hawk (USA)  out of Kenzie’s Charm (USA) Solid Golden Farms
21 April 11, 2019 Gray / Colt Savoy Stomp (USA) out of Miss Lee Trevor Roy Dunkley, Snr.
22 April 10, 2019 Chestnut / Colt Berlino Di Tiger (BRZ) out of Soca Dancer (USA) Balkrishen Maraj
23 March 30, 2019 Bay / Colt Casual Trick (USA)  out of Classy Aviator Everdeen Reeves
24 March 15, 2019 Bay / Filly Liquidity (USA)out of Thegirlnextdoor Y.S.(1955) Limited
25 Apr. 15, 2019 Bay/ Filly Berlino Di Tiger (BRZ) out of Sorrentino’s Star David Dabdoub
26 May 15, 2019 Bay/Colt Soul Warrior (USA) out of Finally Ritta You Hyde Valley Farms
27 June 21, 2019 Bay/Colt Here Comes Ben (USA) out of Rejected Slew Paradise at Spring Village
28 Mar. 19, 2020 Bay/ Filly Deputy Glitters (USA) out of Osada Edison Chai
29 March 12, 2019 Chestnut/ Colt Northern Giant (USA) out of Goldstardancer Dr. Patrick Graham
30 May 1, 2019 Bay/ Filly Savoy Stomp (USA)  out of Lady Mandi Dr. Patrick Graham
31 March 22, 2019 Bay/ Filly Savoy Stomp (USA)  out of Princess Geeta S&D Stables
32 March 18, 2019 Chestnut/Colt Bern Identity (USA) out of Blufield (USA) Paradise at Spring Village
33 May 26, 2019 Dark Bay or Brown / Filly Fearless Vision (USA)  out of Special Report Derrick Gayle
34 May 27, 2019 Bay/ Colt Savoy Stomp (USA) out of Trinket Box (USA) Ham Stables, Agent
35 Feb. 13, 2019 Bay / Filly Natural Selection (USA) out of  Excellence Derrick Smith
36 April 29, 2019 Chestnut/Filly Silent Valor (USA) out of Kam To The World Success Farm
37 April 18, 2019 Bay/ Filly Savoy Stomp (USA)  out of Save More (USA) HAM Stables
38 March 14, 2019 Chestnut/Colt Midnight Hawk (USA)  out of Mameta Business Man
39 Mar. 19, 2019 Bay/ Colt Greenpointcrusader (USA) out of Little Jennie (USA) Edison Chai
40 April 8, 2019 Chestnut / Filly Midnight Hawk (USA) out of Major Point Lakeland Farms
41 May 5, 2019 Chestnut/Colt Bern Identity (USA)  out of Feasibility Study (USA) Paradise at Spring Village
42 April 14, 2019 Bay/ Filly Legal Process (USA) out of Kalamata (GB) Solid Golden Farms
43 June 5, 2019 Bay/Colt Midnight Hawk out of Mom Rules Success Farm
44 Feb. 21, 2019 Chestnut / Filly Blue Pepsi Lodge (USA) out of Jah Karma (USA) Lakeland Farms
45 May 5, 2019 Bay / Colt Legal Process (USA) out of Aretha Lakeland Farms
46 Feb. 26, 2019 Bay/ Filly Savoy Stomp (USA) out of Palace Gold Wilbert Bagwaandeen
47 May 6. 2019 Bay / Filly Savoy Stomp (USA) out of Go Flint Go Trevor Roy Dunkley, Snr.
48 March 5, 2019 Bay / Filly Savoy Stomp (USA) out of Rumble Chad M. Feanny, Herman Wong Leung &  Donna Wong-Leung
49 Apr. 18, 2019 Bay/ Filly Savoy Stomp (USA)  out of MyAngel Carlton Carey and Lascelles Perry
50 April 16, 2019 Chestnut/Colt Mshawish out of Visionary Wonder Hyde Valley Farms
51 May 31, 2019 Chestnut/Colt Lion Tamer (USA)  out of Winesha Paradise at Spring Village
52 April 18, 2019 Chestnut / Colt Soul Warrior (USA)  out of Thornhill Miss Frederick Leighton
53 April 8, 2019 Chestnut / Colt Traditional (USA) out of I Have A Dream Lakeland Farms
54 April 19, 2019 Gray / Colt Savoy Stomp (USA) out of Ecstatic Derick Latibeaudiere, O.J.
55 April 23,  2018 Bay / Colt Storm Craft (USA) out of Kandi With a K (USA) Lakeland Farms
56 April 29, 2019 Bay/ Colt Sensational Slam (CAN) out of Distinctly Natural Craig & Merrick Garriques
57 March 9, 2019 Bay / Colt Storm Craft (USA)  out of Terra Marique Lakeland Farms
58 March 2, 2019 Chestnut / Colt Lion Tamer (USA)  out of Hija de Reina Elias Haloute
59 Feb. 21, 2019 Bay / Filly Lion Tamer (USA)  out of  Aura Mas Elias Haloute
60 Mar. 6, 2019 Roan/ Filly Deputy Glitters (USA) out of Runaway Silver (USA) Edison Chai
61 April 18, 2019 Chestnut/ Filly Deputy Glitters (USA) out of Alienate(USA) Solid Golden Farms
62 April 15, 2019 Chestnut/Filly Fearless Vision (USA) out of Morebulletstofire Tainiya Kerr
63 March 18, 2019 Chestnut/Filly Nuclear Wayne (USA) out of Honkeytonkville Hyde Valley Farms


April 19, 2019 Bay/Colt Berlino Di Tiger (BRZ) out of Santa Baby (USA) Paradise at Spring Village
65 March 26, 2019 Chestnut/Colt Urban King (USA) out of She Knows Best Argyll Farms Ltd
66 March 28, 2019 Bay/Colt Northern Giant (USA) out of Regina Royale Argyll Farms Ltd


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