TOBA Yearling Sale Continues (Sun, Dec 4, 2022) – Lots Numbers

1080 x 1925

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA) Mixed Sale (yearlings and two-year-olds) continues on Sunday, December 4, 2022, in the official car park at Caymanas Park.

The Mixed Sale started on Sunday, November 13, 2022, by was interrupted by heavy rains and wind, forcing TOBA to have a continuation.

The Lots as they will appear in the ring are set out below.

LOT Sire Dam Color/Sex Consignor/Owner
2 Midnight Hawk Cherokee Way Gray / Filly The Success Farms
22 Patton Proud Dunkirk's Evita Chestnut/Colt Michael Bernard
27 Admiral Alex Jamaican Pharoah Chestnut/colt Carl Anderson
35 Bridled Quest Black Treasure Bay / Filly Trevor James
56 Silent Valor Secret Cat Chestnut / Colt Carl Anderson
57 Sensational Slam Sparkling Michaela Bay / Colt Michael Kennedy
61 Spieth Milestone Grey Filly Everglades Farms Ltd.
62 Casual Trick Giacomos Pride Bay / Filly Desmond Lewis
63 Spieth Celine Gray / Colt Everglades Farms Ltd.
64 Casual Trick Blue Saphira Bay / Filly O’Neil Phillips
65 Sensational Slam Antoinette Chestnut / Colt Y.S. (1955) Ltd. Von White
66 Bern Identity Salty Talk Bay / Colt Karen Parsard
68 Bold Conquest Gold Miner Bay / Colt Y. S. (1955) Ltd. - Carlton Watson
69 Spieth Classic Treaty Gray / Colt Everglades Farms Ltd.
71 Savoy Stomp Delightful Brenda Bay / Colt Desmond Lewis
72 Soul Warrior Lovely Day Chestnut / Filly Y.S. (1955) Ltd. - Jeffrey Mordecai
73 StrikeWhileItsHot La Hague Bay / Filly New Blue
76 Bern Identity HerRoyalHighness Bay / Colt Dr. Aston Marsh
77 Here Comes Ben Awesome Lucy Bay / Filly Derrick Gayle / Paradise @ S.V.
80 Soul Warrior Mom Rules Chestnut / Filly Trevor James
84 Patton Proud Finally Ritta You Bay / Colt Hyde Valley Farms
84A Casual Trick Luscious DK.B/Colt Anthony Pasmore
2 Year Olds
Sire Dam Color/Sex Consignor/Owner
82 Bold Conquest Excellence Chestnut / Gelding Derrick Smith
85 Nuclear Wayne Runaway Silver Gray / Filly Eddie Chai
86 Deputy Glitters SpacedOut Chestnut / Filly Howard Hamilton
87 Soul Warrior Sage’s GiftBox Chestnut / Filly Desmond Lewis
88 Hedge Fund Daisy Duke Chestnut / Colt Monique Azan
89 Key To Power Rejected Slew Bay / Colt Howard Hamilton
90 Nuclear Wayne Agnes T Bay / Colt Desmond Lewis
92 Patton Proud Storm Girl Bay / Colt Gary Griffiths
93 Savoy Stomp Raise Your Voice Bay / Filly Howard Hamilton
94 Spieth WAP Gray / Filly Everglades Farms Ltd.
95 Legal Process Angkor Wat Bay / Filly New Blue Ltd.
96 Patton Proud Dicolas Brat Bay / Colt Karl Samuda
97 Sensational Slam Giacomos Pride Bay / Colt Desmond Lewis
98 Deputy Glitters Grey Empress Bay / Filly Eddie Chai
99 Here Comes Ben Lady Jameela Bay / Colt New Blue Ltd.
100 Sensational Slam Money Move Chestnut / Colt Barrington Daley
101 Spieth Ashley Call Gray/ Colt Everglades Farms Ltd.
102 Bern Identity Ruby Rose Bay / Colt Barrington Daley
103 Here Comes Ben Kiss Me Quick Chestnut / Colt New Blue Ltd.
104 Soul Warrior Lady Belridge Bay / Filly Barsher
105 Here Comes Ben First Kiss Bay / Colt New Blue Ltd.
107 Buzz Nightmare River Rhythm Bay/Filly Angela Atkinson
108 Casual Trick Cloudy Grey Bay/Filly Garwin Tulloch

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