Get to know trainer Rudolph Hardial

Rudolph Hardial
Rudolph Hardial

KINGSTON, Jamaica – He has been around for a while in racing, from a young man growing up close to the racetrack and after becoming a licensed trainer.

He knows the ins and the outs of horse racing and today trainer Rudoph Hardial shares his history and his thoughts on horse racing.

QUICK GALLOP (QG): How did you get into horse racing to become a trainer?

RUDOLPH HARDIAL (RH): That was easy. I had three cousins who were jockeys: Devon, Keith and Glenford Royal. So, from a little boy who born and grow up down at Newlands, I was in racing. So much so, that I used to scull school on race days and go to watch my cousins ride and when out of school I would have time to go and learn about horses and their preparation, watching them train and be around the stables to be close to them and care for them.

QG: What year did you become a trainer?

RH: 1996

QG:: Which horse was your first winner?

RH: Perseus was my first start and he was my first winner.

QG: Which is the best horse you have trained so far?

RH: Pallas Athena

QG: Which horse was your longest odds winner?

RH: It was at 96/1 but I do not remember the horse’s name. However, I have also won with Sabrina at 80/1. I have also saddled a number of long-shot winners throughout my training career but the 96/1 chance slipped my memory momentarily.

QG: Which is the best two-year-old have you conditioned?

RH: Liola in the Toyota Cup, where she ran third. I have also won 11, two-year-old races among the cast was Mr Dunn.

QG:  Which the biggest race you’ve won to date?

RH: The St Catherine Cup with Pallas Athena.

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