Notable gallops, works for Saturday, March 7, Sunday, March 8 2020

Toona Ciliata

KINGSTON, Jamaica – keeps its readers updated on the morning gallops and other works, following, especially, the preparation of the three-year-olds as they go after Classic glory.


Bruce Wayne –Cant 9f Strode Last 5f 1062

Crafty And Ready (B) –Cant 9f Gal Last 4f 484 ridden

Dejae’s Boy –Gal Flat 5hf 1093 X 1033 bt. Princess Annie

England’s Rose –Cant 9f

Green Gold Rush –Cant 9f Gal Last 4f 491

Just An Illusion –Cant 8f Gal Last 3f 360

Money Monster (B) –Cant Out Chute *Gal Last7f 1303 X 1154 ridden

Princess Annie –Gal Flat 5hf 1103 X 1043 easy

Princess Ava –Cant 9f *Gal Last 2f 24

Sergeant Reckless –Gate 5 Str. *Gal 1st4f 462 X 100

She’s A Maneater –Trotted

Speechless (&) –Cant 9f Gal Last 5f 1023 easy

Toona Ciliata (VT) –Cant Out Chute *Gal Last 6f 1133 ridden

Will In Charge –Cant 9f Gal Last 5f 1023 easy



Corazon –Gal Out Str. Last 4f 502 easyCrimson –Cant 9fGal 4f 491/Sentient

Drummer Boy (B&) –*Gal Flat 3f 354

England’s Rose –Cant Out Chute *Gal 7f 1261

King Arthur (C) –Cant Out ChuteGal 7f 1302

Kingsman –*Gal Flat 6f 1132/Double Crown

Mahogany –Cant 8f *Gal 5f 1001

Sentient –Cant 9f*Gal 4f 482/Crimson

She’s A Maneater –Cant 9f

Uncle Frank –Cant 9f*Gal 5 1/2f 1083 x 1012

Uncle Polly (C) –Cant 9fGal 5f 1023 easy

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