Who is better, Abbi or Sammy? The voice of the people


KINGSTON, Jamaica – Readers on Quickgallop.com have been responding to the question posed by the site; who is better Abbi or Sammy? We thank you for sending in your comments.

Quickgallop.com shares some of the comments sent in by readers.


From my perspective, at this time – I think both ladies are equal to the task at hand. It is indeed a joy and a pleasure watching them ‘whipping’ the boys, particularly in photo finishes. Dem bad!! EH

Compare Abbi and Natalie… Sammy is in a different class…Turfite

Why are you attempting to turn it into a competition by include both females? They’re all confident in the saddle. CM

Nothing is wrong with competition that what makes life interesting and not a bore as long as we keep it in a mature and civilized way for my money it’s Samantha at this stage of their careers but who knows in a couple of months time and Abigail gets her timing and better rides outside of the DaCosta camp she might improve because the best jockeys worldwide are those with the best clock in their heads not what I see at Caymanas Park then call themselves big jockey rather big joker lol …GP

Fletcher is better because of her experience Berger should also be in the conversation because she is not getting the ride…PN

Lovely racing website. I follow your progress from afar. Looking at the races won by these two young ladies there is not much difference between them, but then again I have only seen them ride on videos. Miss Able was good on Monday on Fly Messenger Fly and the now injured Miss Fletcher recently rode a triple. Still a long way to go for both jockeys… ST

Difficult to say now as both are learning. If I had to cast a ballot it would be Samantha Fletcher…BT

What has happened to the other female riders? There were Melissa Ward, a Powell – can’t remember her first name – a Miss Lawrence please inform. As to Abigail Able and Samantha Fletcher the verdict is still out…RM - ANSWER FROM QUICKGALLOP.COM – Melissa Ward in working horses in the US; Andree Powell seems to have given up on horse racing, and Tamika Lawrence recently gave birth to her child.

Both Abbi and Sammy are still at the leaning stage, with time, we will see who is better. Would love Quickgallop to ask about or write something about which horse or horses are in pole position to become horse of the year 2021…MS







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  1. I think it’s straight forward,Samantha at this juncture is definitely much stronger and it’s reflected in the results and aggressive finishes of Samantha

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