Twilight-6 guaranteed payout moves up by $500,000, now $2 million


KINGSTON, Jamaica - Following closely on the success of the Reggae-6 exotic wager, the promoting company for racing in Jamaica, Supreme Ventures Racing and Entertainment (SVREL), announced yesterday that the Twilight-6 guaranteed payout will move from $1.5 million to $2 million.

Since the introduction of the Reggae-6 exotic wager to replace the Sunrise-6 on November 1 of last year, punters have been flocking the betting windows. The Reggae-6, with its guaranteed jackpot of $2 million-plus, and its carryovers in a flash, became the bet of choice for punters.

Quickly, there was a significant uptick in the amounts wagered on the Reggae-6 with consistent pools of over $5.5 million becoming the betting norm.

Twenty-four millionaires were produced in November and December of 2020, with 14 being minted from the Reggae-6 alone. The next scheduled mandatory payout for the Reggae-6 is on Sunday, January 31.

“Trust us, there’s never been a better time to place your bets. We promised that there would be more improvements to our wagering menu so be on the lookout, there’s more in store,” Lorna Gooden, SVREL’s general manager, said during a press conference held at Caymanas Park.

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