Sticking With God Of Love In Overnight Allowance Call

God of Love
God of Love

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The seventh event on Saturday, March 25, 2023, is an Open Allowance call named after Hall of Fame Groom and None Such Award recipient Linval McFarlane.

Seven are entered to venture over five furlongs round.

1 – PERFECT BREW one of the better three-year-olds of last year makes his seasonal entry well prepared for action. This first brush with Open Allowance is a difficult one as Perfect Brew has never being an out and out sprinter, making this first outing more of a pipe opener for future engagements.

2 – CURLIN’S AFFAIR has been doing the rounds of late without much success. Curlin’s Affair best effort is remain close and then strike in the lane, yet, even that is a hard task.

3 – YELLOWSTONE did better that expected when winning  first time out in the Overnight Allowance Grade. Now it is class above, and a Yellowstone will have to wait. 

4 – GOD OF LOVE was put in his place by Laban, 35 days ago coming down the five-straight chute. Five furlongs round is a completely different situation, God of Love is the known speedster, and even allowing weight to most of his rivals, will have to be caught.

5 – EMPEROROFTEHCATS took his time to score in Overnight, the same will happen again in Open Allowance.

6 – NUCLEAR NOON can be placed among those who hover between Overnight and Open Allowance. Nuclear Noon returned to winning ways in Overnight (Mar 5), which was an announcement of his return to prime form. The only consideration is that, the distance might be a tad short for Nuclear Noon.

7 – LABAN could not handle the big ones on March 4, finishing fifth about ten lengths behind winner I Am Fred. On Saturday, Laban is back with company he can readily manage. Laban in this one is best served by racing behind the front runner (s), then striking in the final furlong.



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