Racing Commission conducts seminar for racing officials


KINGSTON, Jamaica - The Jamaica Racing Commission (JRC) will be conducting a racing officials training seminar to be held on Thursday, October 19, 2023, at Caymanas Park.

The training seminar is scheduled for 10:00 am in the Trainers' Room.

The purpose of the exercise is the reacquaint all categories of racing officials with the rules and generally what is expected of them while conducting their duties.

It is geared at ensuring that every member understands how critical a role they play in safeguarding the integrity of racing locally.




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  1. Good afternoon
    Please place on your agenda or my question for the officials at the meeting is when will be the strike rule will be implemented which should not be more than seven in the USA it is a maximum of 6 and stop leaving it to the stewards to decide what is excessive use of the whip I heat seeing these jockeys and apprentices beating horses even when they six lengths ahead with less that .1 furlong to the winning post instead of riding like a jockey is suppose to

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