NEW BET - KETCH 9 starts tomorrow (Monday, June 7, 2021)

ketch 9

KINGSTON, Jamaica - The KETCH 9 is a new wager that launches on Monday, June 7, 2021.

It replaces the popular Pick 9 bet and will be offered on all local race days where there are 9 or more races scheduled to start.

The Ketch 9 is a type of Pick 9 bet with the following specifics:

  • An increased payout of 75%
  • A $5 bet minimum
  • An 8 of 9 payout if there are no 9 of 9 winners on a live race day
  • A Jackpot for a Single, Unique Winning Ticket
  • No carryovers 

How does the Ketch 9 Bet Type work?

  • Tickets with 9 of 9 receive their equal share of the net pool of 75%, 25% goes to the Jackpot pool.
  • A single, unique winning ticket with 9 of 9 received the Net Pool plus existing Jackpot amount
  • If there are no 9 of 9 winners, 30% of the net pool will be equally distributed among tickets with 8 of 9 winners and the remaining 70% goes to the Jackpot.
  • In the case that there are no winners, the entire net pool –referred to as the Ketch 9 Jackpot –will be carried over to the next Ketch 9 pool for a Single, Unique Winning ticket, on the next live race day.
  • A minimum Guaranteed Payout of J$500,000.00 will be offered if 9 of 9 is identified as a winning ticket.
  • Mandatory Payout dates will be announced to the public prior to the race meet in which the mandatory payout will occur.
  • The Jackpot carryover will be reported on our live feed at Caymanas Park, online at, advertised in print media and emailed to all MBet account holders, so all punters will be kept abreast of the jackpot changes and be spurred on to bet with a growing jackpot.
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