LIFETIME NARRATIVE – Jockey Allen Maragh (Part 2)

Jockey Allen Maragh
Jockey Allen Maragh

KINGSTON, Jamaica - In part two of this enthralling, and absolutely riveting interview with jockey Allen Maragh, even more insight is given into his amazing career.

In part two, Maragh continues to speak on his suspension, winning his first Classic race, injuries, his association with local Derby winner, Miracle Man, and winning the Derby in Trinidad and Tobago.

Again, this is another must watch interview on, and its YouTube Channel, The Quick Galloper.




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  1. Bongo never got a fair shake in the late 70 this early 80 this but as they say what no dead you can't call it duppy regarding the stewards them they are a next story and it still going on injustice reigns

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