Simply Magic - Winston Griffiths
Simply Magic - Winston Griffiths
KINGSTON, Jamaica - Classy colt Blue Vinyl seeks to become the 19th winner overall and the 13th at Caymanas Park of the most valued prize in the sport, the Triple Crown, tomorrow, Saturday, August 6, 2022 at Caymanas Park. The Triple Crown series of races are confined to three-year-olds and is comprised of the 1000 (fillies only), the 2000 Guineas (colts and geldings), the Jamaica St Leger, and the Jamaica Derby. Blue Vinyl trained by Patrick Lynch has already been successful in the 2000 and the St Leger.
The previous twelve Triple Crown winners at Caymanas Park are: 
1 - ROYAL DAD (1981) – Bagdad out of Royal Snob.   
2 - MONDAY MORNING (1987) – Pol Na Cree out of Jedal. 
3 - LIU CHIE POO (1988) – Element out of Hello Poochie Liu. 
4 - THE VICEROY (1989) – The Peacemaker out of La Golondrina.    
5 - MILLIGRAM (1992) – Exotic Traveler out of Millbrook.
6 - WAR ZONE (1996) – Exotic Traveler out of Sweet Ruckus.
7 - I’M SATISFIED (2000) – The Medic out of Midnight Angel.
8 - SIMPLY MAGIC (2002) – Royal Minister out of Fontainbleu.   
9 - ALSAFRA (2008) – Legal Process out of Tee Gee Vee. 
10 - MARK MY WORD (2010) – Market Rally – Miss Chestnut. 
11 - SHE’S A MANEATER (2017) – Natural Selection out of Ahwhofah. 
12 - SUPREME SOUL (2019) – Soul Warrior out of Beware Baby.
The other local Triple Crown winners not at Caymanas Park are:
Mont Clare – 1924
Saraband – 1926
By Jove – 1930
Money Moon – 1937 (filly)
George Metaxa – 1939
Mark Twain – 1950   
The first running of the JAMAICA DERBY (GR1) in 1921 had four participants competing over 2000 M (10 furlongs) with BUCK DANCER winning the race for owner Mr. A.L. Keeling and trainer Mr. J. Ramsing. SLANDER won the JAMAICA GUINEAS (GR1) over 1700M (8.5 furlongs) beating 9 rivals in the same year for owner Mr. D. McMillan and trainer Mr. A.N.S. Jackson.
The TRIPLE CROWN SERIES commenced in 1924 with the introduction of the JAMAICA ST. LEGER (GR.1) and immediately Jamaicans celebrated the first TRIPLE CROWN winner in a horse by the name of MONTE CLARE. He was owned by Mr. A. Dolphy and trained by Mr. C.H. Muschette.
The series was contested at KNUTSFORD PARK in Kingston from its inception in 1924 to 1958 and at CAYMANAS PARK in St. Catherine from 1959 to 2021.
The format was adjusted to mirror the English series with the introduction of the JAMAICA 1000 GUINEAS (GR.1) over 1600 M for fillies in 1973. This breathed new life into the coveted series by separating the top filly and colt and provided a possible showdown when both horses meet in the JAMAICA DERBY (GR.1) and ultimately in the final leg the JAMAICA ST. LEGER (GR.1).
The JAMAICA DERBY (GR.1) was run over 2000 M (10 furlongs) from 1921 to 1930 and was then increased to 2400 M (12 furlongs) in 1931.
The JAMAICA GUINEAS (GR.1) was contested over 1700 M (8.5 furlongs) from 1921 to 1958. 1800 M (9 furlongs) from 1959 to 1972 and reduced to 1600 M (8 furlongs) in 1973 with the introduction of the JAMAICA 1000 GUINEAS (GR.1) for fillies. The colts and geldings have since competed in the JAMAICA 2000 GUINEAS (GR.1) over 1600 M.
The JAMAICA ST. LEGER (GR.1) has also had changes to the distance on four occasions. It was run over 2800 M (14 furlongs) from 1924 to 1966, 2000 M (10 furlongs) from 1967 to 1970, 2800 M (14 furlongs) from 1970 to 1990 and then reduced to 2000 M from 1991 to 2021.
The weight allotment has remained unchanged with the Colts and Geldings allotted 57kg (126lb) and the fillies 55kg (121lb). The fillies carry 57kg (126lb) in the JAMAICA 1000 GUINEAS (GR.1). No apprentice claims are permitted.
There have been two dead heats recorded in the JAMAICA DERBY (GR.1), CLOISTER and FERULA in 1934, and PINNOCHIO and FASTNET were inseparable in 1944.
Close finishes have been recorded on numerous occasions in the JAMAICA 1000 GUINEAS (GR1), the JAMAICA 2000 GUINEAS (GR.1), and the JAMAICA ST. LEGER (GR.1) but never a dead heat.
Eighteen thoroughbreds have been able to overcome the rigours of the campaign and become a TRIPLE CROWN winner. Five colts and one filly at KNUTSFORD PARK and nine colts and three fillies at CAYMANAS PARK.
No owner has ever been able to win the TRIPLE CROWN more than once at KNUTSFORD PARK or CAYMANAS PARK.
Dual Hall of Fame inductee Kenneth Mattis OD trained and tightened the girth on ROYAL DAD (1981) the first TRIPLE CROWN winner at CAYMANAS PARK for owners Leslie Hoo and Ferdinand Swaby.
Hall of Fame trainer Philip Feanny OD has conditioned five TRIPLE CROWN winners (LIU CHIE POO, THE VICEROY, MILLIGRAM, I’M SATISFIED, and SIMPLY MAGIC).
Hall of Fame trainer Wayne DaCosta OD conditioned WAR ZONE and SHE’S A MANEATER to TRIPLE CROWN glory.
MONDAY MORNING is the only TRIPLE CROWN winner to be conditioned by two different trainers, Stanley Findlay in the JAMAICA 2000 GUINEAS (GR.1) and Enos Brown in the final two legs. He was also ridden by two different Jockeys, Everton Miller for the first two legs and then Patrick Beckford in the JAMAICA ST. LEGER (GR.1).
THE VICEROY was also ridden by two different Jockeys, Ian Spence partnered him in the JAMAICA 2000 GUINEAS (GR.1), while Winston Griffiths OD completed the campaign in the final two races.
Hall of Famer Winston Griffiths OD rode four TRIPLE CROWN winners (ROYAL DAD, LIU CHIE POO, MILLIGRAM, I’M SATISFIED, SIMPLY MAGIC) in all the events.
Two Non-Jamaican Jockeys have ridden TRIPLE CROWN winners at CAYMANAS PARK. They are Trinidadian Brian Harding aboard ALSAFRA (2008) and Panamanian Dick Cardenas with MARK MY WORD (2010).
EXOTIC TRAVELER is the only stallion to sire two Triple Crown winners at Caymanas Park, Milligram and War Zone.
Facts and figures compiled by Racing Secretary – Denzil Miller Jr.

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