Brian Rickman
Brian Rickman
KINGSTON, Jamaica - “At the time I had no interest in horse racing, I did not know anything about horse racing, nor did want to get involved in horse racing, but somehow Christopher Armond convinced me to get involved as a commentator, and here I am 30-odd years later.”
Those were the defining words of ace commentator Brian “Spuddy’ Rickman when asked to comment on the passing on Wednesday of racing giant Chris Armond.
“Well, first of all, let me state that Chris was first and foremost my close friend. He is someone that I have known for so many years now, I can’t even remember. In addition, Chris was the one who made my entry into commentating on races possible.
“Chris convinced me to try my hand commentating and for some reason I did; he taught me the basics necessary for becoming a good commentator but at the same time he allowed me to grow and develop in my style. Naturally, he would offer advice and I was always keen to listen to his insights,” Rickman told the Jamaica Observer.
He was saddened by the passing of his friend.
“Chris Armond can rightly be designated as the heart and soul of horse racing in Jamaica for so many years. Every muscle, every drop of blood in his body was dedicated to horse racing in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.
“He excelled in the areas of administration and promotions, and many of his innovations are still in play today and are still being used for the development of the industry he loved and gave so much to.
“Chris Armond was all racing, and I offer my condolences to his wife Allison, son Jordan and brother Wayne. Sleep in peace, my friend, you did well!”
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