FIRST RACE Winner Nala's Bushman

JOCKEY Shane Ellis

TRAINER Michael Marlowe

DISTANCE Nine furlong and 25 yards

SPLITS 27.3 54.0 1:22.1 1:50.3 FINAL TIME 2:06.3

SECOND RACE Winner Another Cookie

JOCKEY Youville Pinnock

TRAINER Everal Francis

DISTANCE Seven furlongs

SPLITS 24.1 48.3 1:15.2 FINAL TIME 1:31.2

THIRD RACE Winner Casual Peach

JOCKEY Dick Cardenas

TRAINER Michael Marlowe

DISTANCE Seven and a half furlongs

SPLITS 24.1 47.3 1:14.1 FINAL TIME 1:37.3

FOURTH RACE Winner Sir John

JOCKEY Anthony Thomas

TRAINER Jason DaCosta

DISTANCE Eight furlongs - one mile

SPLITS 24.3 48.1 1:14.3 FINAL TIME 1:43.2

FIFTH RACE Winner Secret Law

JOCKEY Shavon Townsend

TRAINER Christopher Pearson

DISTANCE Five furlongs straight

SPLITS 24.1 48.4 FINAL TIME 1:05.0

SIXTH RACE Winner Itsabeautifulday

JOCKEY Robert Halledeen

TRAINER Phillip Lee

DISTANCE Five furlongs straight

SPLITS 23.1 47.0 FINAL TIME 1:02.2

SEVENTH RACE Winner Rum With Me

JOCKEY Dick Cardenas

TRAINER Patrick Lynch

DISTANCE Six furlongs

SPLITS 23.1 47.2 FINAL TIME 1:14.2

EIGHTH RACE Miss Hillington

JOCKEY Anthony Thomas

TRAINER Steven Todd

DISTANCE Five furlongs round

SPLITS 24.0 48.2 FINAL TIME 1:02.1

NINTH RACE Winners Further and Beyond - Miniature Man


JOCKEYS Dane Nelson and Dick Cardenas

TRAINERS Anthony Nunes and Jason DaCosta

DISTANCE Seven and a half furlongs

SPLITS 24.1 47.3 1:12.2 FINAL TIME 1:34.1

TENTH RACE Winner Superluminal

JOCKEY Omar Walker

TRAINER Ian Parsard

DISTANCE Nine furlongs and 25 yards

SPLITS 28.1 54.0 1:19.0 1:44.4 FINAL TIME 1:59.3




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