FIRST RACE Winner Mother Nature

JOCKEY Dane Nelson

TRAINER Lawrence Freemantle

DISTANCE Six and a half furlongs

SPLITS 24.1 49.1 1:15.2 FINAL TIME 1:23.2

SECOND RACE Winner Atonement

JOCKEY Reyan Lewis

TRAINER Anthony Nunes

DISTANCE Six and a half furlongs

SPLITS 24.0 48.4 1:15.2 FINAL TIME 1:24.0

THIRD RACE Winner Sweet Medicine

JOCKEY Aaron Chatrie

TRAINER David Lee Sin

DISTANCE Seven furlongs

SPLITS 24.1 48.3 1:15.3 FINAL TIME 1:30.3

FOURTH RACE Winner Oldkingcole

JOCKEY Dane Nelson

TRAINER Anthony Nunes

DISTANCE Five and a half furlongs

SPLITS 24.0 48.4 FINAL TIME 1:09.4

FIFTH RACE Winner Eagle One

JOCKEY Dick Cardenas

TRAINER Jason DaCosta

DISTANCE Six furlongs

SPLITS 23.1 47.2 FINAL TIME 1:13.3

SIXTH RACE Victory Turn

JOCKEY Javaniel Patterson

TRAINER Gary Crawford

DISTANCE Six furlongs

SPLITS 23.0 46.4 FINAL TIME 1:14.0

SEVENTH RACE Markofaprince

JOCKEY Anthony Thomas

TRAINER Gregory Forsyth

DISTANCE Four furlongs


EIGHTH RACE Winner Diosa De Oro

JOCKEY Dane Nelson

TRAINER Johnny Wilmot

DISTANCE Seven furlongs

SPLITS 24.0 47.3 1:13.3 FINAL TIME 1:28.4

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