FIRST RACE Winner Stormy Lady

JOCKEY Aaron Chatrie

TRAINER David Lee Sin

DISTANCE Six and a half furlongs

SPLITS 24.3 49.3 1:18.0 FINAL TIME 1:26.1

SECOND RACE Winner Latapy

JOCKEY Dane Nelson

TRAINER Johnny Wilmot

DISTANCE Seven furlongs

SPLITS 24.1 48.3 1:14.1 FINAL TIME 1:28.3

THIRD RACE Winner Sweet Surprise

JOCKEY Samantha Fletcher

TRAINER Patrick Smellie

DISTANCE Seven and a half furlongs

FOURTH RACE Winner Markofaprince

JOCKEY Anthony Thomas

TRAINER Gregory Forsyth

DISTANCE Four furlongs


FIFTH RACE Winner Ianzha Links

JOCKEY Anthony Thomas

TRAINER Jason DaCosta

DISTANCE Seven furlongs

SPLITS 24.0 48.0 1:13.3 FINAL TIME 1:28.0

SIXTH RACE Winner Cryptocurrency

JOCKEY Jemar Jackson

TRAINER Steven Todd

DISTANCE Seven furlongs

SPLITS 24.0 47.1 1:13.0 FINAL TIME 1:28.3

SEVENTH RACE Winner Iamacitizen

JOCKEY Dane Nelson

TRAINER Patrick Lynch

DISTANCE Five and a half furlongs

SPLITS 24.0 48.1 FINAL TIME 1:09.2

EIGHTH RACE Winner Excessive Force

JOCKEY Linton Steadman

TRAINER Philip Feanny

DISTANCE Eight furlong – one mile

SPLITS 23.2 46.0 1:11.0 FINAL TIME 1:39.4

NINTH RACE Winner Miniature Man

JOCKEY Anthony Thomas

TRAINER Jason DaCosta

DISTANCE Eight furlongs – one mile

SPLITS 23.0 46.0 1:11.4 FINAL TIME 1:41.2

TENTH RACE Winner Sir Kel

JOCKEY Daniel Satchell

TRAINER Oneil Markland

DISTANCE Five furlongs straight

SPLITS 23.2 46.2 FINAL TIME 1:01.1


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