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Above and Beyond

KINGSTON, Jamaica – To make it easier for readers, Quickgallop.com is offering readers some selected gallops each week.


Corazon–Strode Out Str. 3f 393

Fearless Champion –Gate 5 Str. *Gal 1st4f 464 X 1004 ridden bt.Dejae’s Boy

Master Of Hall –Cant 8f *Gal Last 5hf 1072 X 1010

Peking Cruz (&0 –*Gal Out Str. 3f 361 ridden

Princess Emanuelle (&) –Cant 9f Gal Last 3f 372 ridden

 SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2020

Another Affair (T&) –Cant Out Chute *Gal Last 6f 1140

Mahogany –Cant Out Chute

Nipster –Cant Out Chute Strode Last 6f 1254

Rojorn Di Pilot –Cant Out Chute Strode Last 7f 1354

Rum With Me –Cant Out Chute Strode Last 6f 1212

Will In Charge (T&) -Cant Out Chute *Gal Last 7f 1300 easy

Wow Wow –Cant Out Chute Strode Last 6f 1233

MONDAY, JULY 13, 2020

Above And Beyond (BT) –Cant Out Chute *Gal Last 7f 1263 ridden bt.Sencity

Run Thatcher Run –Gal Flat 3f 370 (Bled)

Speechless (&) –Cant OutChute Gal Last 6f 1162

Summer Sun –Cant Out Chute *Gal Last 6f 1130 ridden

SweetToppins (B) –Cant Out Chute Gal Last 6f 1150

TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2020

Enuffisenuff –Cant 8f *Gal 2f 242

Father Patrick (T&) –Cant Out Chute Gal 6f 1130/Mahogany

Mahogany (T) –Cant Out Chute*Gal 6f 1123/Father Patrick