Maintaining weight is important even without competitive racing – Jockey Ruja Lahoe

Jockey Ruja Lahoe

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Despite the shutdown of operations at Caymanas Park due to the spread of the novel coronavirus on the island, jockey Ruja Lahoe says while he is relaxing a bit at home, he is still doing the necessary hard work to maintain his weight.

The racetrack was closed on March 21, but horses are still exercising in the mornings, as personnel adhere to social distancing and other required public health protocols.

“I have been relaxing somewhat at home as there is no racing at the moment due to the coronavirus situation. However, I don’t relax that much because I don’t want to put on too much weight and so I still work hard to keep a certain body weight.

“Racing is not going on at the moment, and we don’t know exactly when it will resume, but at the same time, I have to keep working as I want to be fit and healthy and not gain a lot of weight when racing restarts,” the 27-year-old Lahoe said.

He said that regular exercise, special diet, and working out horses in the mornings are what is keeping him in shape.

“I exercise a lot, whether it is walking up and down or jogging, I still do some exercise to keep in shape. I also watch what I eat as well. If I eat something too heavy, I jog it off. What keeps me fit as well is working out horses in the mornings [as] I go to the racetrack early in the mornings and work out horses and that helps,” said Lahoe.

During the indefinite lockdown of Caymanas Park, Lahoe who lives in Waterford, St Catherine, said that he gets financial support from his mother Natasha Daley who is currently in Australia.

“Support comes from my mother who is overseas. She has always been there for me, and I appreciate that a lot. Otherwise I do my little thing and get through the days,” he said.

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