Getting to know trainer Ryan Williams

Trainer Ryan Williams (right) with apprentice Reyan Lewis.
Trainer Ryan Williams (right) with apprentice Reyan Lewis.

KINGSTON, Jamaica – He was born close to the Caymanas Park racetrack and as such it was almost certain that he was touched by horses and the racing industry from an early age.

Today Ryan Williams is a trainer of thoroughbreds and is enjoying every minute of his chosen profession.

QUESTION (Q): How did you get into horse racing?

RYAN WILLIAMS (RW): You can say I was always in racing. I was in it from a tender age as I grew up around horses at Christian Pen where I was born. Back then, there were a lot of stables around and as a small boy, it was fun for me to be around horses and watch them bathe in the river and to watch them walk the ring and, stuff like that. That sort of grounding later helped to motivate me as a young man to get involved in racing. At first, I wanted to become a jockey but I was prompt in understanidng that I was not going to make the weight as a useful rider as I eat a lot. But I decided to stick around horses and learn about them with the intention to become a full-fledged trainer by acquiring a trainer’s licence.

Q: When did you acquire your licence?

RW: In December 2017. This is the third year I am in the profession.

Q: Which horse was your first winner?

RW: Pythagoras Theorem.

Q: Your longest odds winner?

RW: Newton’s First Law in December 2018 at odds of 18/1

Q: The best horse that you have seen run at Caymanas Park?

RW: For me it is Eros.

Q: Which trainer/s do you admire most?

RW: There are a number of laudable trainers here that I admire and chief among them is Patrick Lynch. He is a very astute conditioner and added to this, his horses always look immaculately conditioned. Trainers Richard and Steven Todd, Carl Lee and Welsh Soutar must also come in for honourable mention.

Q: The jockey/s you admire most?

RW: Anthony Thomas. I assisted Mr Soutar with jockey Thomas from the ground up … from an apprentice to where he is today as a champion jockey and he is one of the only riders whom I do trust wholeheartedly.

Q: Any regrets?

RW: No! No regrets. I love racing, I love racing to the point that only my kids I love more than racing.

Q: What further steps can be taken to improve the racing product?

RW: From a trainer’s point of view, for me, it is making more racing stock available for trainers. I will welcome more horses at the track to supplement what is available at present.

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