Get to know trainer Michael Beecham

Trainer Michael Beecham
Trainer Michael Beecham

KINSGTON, Jamaica – Trainer Michael Beecham has been around horse racing for a while both as an owner and a trainer. He is one of those horsemen who has invested heavily in his chosen field of endeavour and is one which has developed a deep love for the sport.

Read about his journey and his thoughts on horse racing.

QUICK GALLOP (QG): How did you get into horse racing as an occupation?

MICHAEL BEECHAM (MB): My career as a trainer started in 1990, but I was very involved in the sport of horse racing from a long time before. I had a friend who had a horse named Balla Gold, and later that friend also owned It’s A Rebel, so I was pretty much into the game long before becoming a trainer. After a while of being around horses and with regular visits to the racetrack, I developed a special liking for horses. I got attached to them and the sport on the whole. I was an assistant to trainer Norman Palmer, and it was from there that everything for me to grow in the sport happened. That was a period in my life l remember well.

 QG: What year did you graduate to become a trainer?

MB: That was in 1994.

QG: Which horse was your first winner?

MB: My first winner was Smooth Sailing ridden by Vishu Singh over 1,820 metres. The feeling was really good when I won my first race. It was amazing and I will always remember that day.

QG: Which is the best horse you have conditioned/owned so far?

MB: I would say that Sir Budget is the best horse that I have owned/trained so far in my career. He is talented and he had a lot of guts.

QG: What’s the longest odds that you have won at?

MB: My longest odds winner was with Sir Budget at odds of 52-1. It was a great win by Sir Budget and I was pleased with his performance on that day.

QG: Which was the biggest race you have ever won?

MB:  I have won several races but I think the biggest race I won was an Open Allowance contest, and I have also won Overnight Allowance races as well.

QG: Which is the best horse you have seen run at Caymanas Park?

MB: I have seen some good horses run here at Caymanas Park. There were Legal Light, Element, Miracle Man, The Viceroy, and Eros – so many good ones, I don’t know where to choose from. They were all good horses who were dominant with their performances, including exciting the many racing fans who watched them run.

QG: How would you sum up last year’s performances by your horses?

MB: It was a good year. All the horses came and did what was required of them. It could have been better but no complaints.

QG: What are your expectations for the 2021 race calendar?

MB: I am pleased with how I have started so far, winning with Dr Banner at odds of 8-1, so I thank God for that, and I am honestly expecting things to be better for me this year.

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