Easy to watch local replays for Saturday, February 27, 2021


KINGSTON, Jamaica Quickgallop.com provides for its readers easy to watch replays of the 9 races contested on Saturday, February 27, 2021 at Caymanas Park.

FIRST RACE Winner – Tradition

Jockey Ruja Lahoe Trainer Shaun Williams 

Distance 5 ½ furlongs Splits 23.3 x 47.2  Final Time 1:10.3

SECOND RACE Winner Above All Links

Jockey Dick Cardenas – Trainer Wayne DaCosta

Distance Nine furlongs and 25 yards

Splits: 27.4 x 53.3 x 1:19.1 x 1:16.4 Final Time 2:02.3

THIRD RACE Winner Big Black Nation

Jockey Linton Steadman Trainer Tyrone Prince

Distance 5 furlongs straight Splits 23.2 x 47.0 Final Time 1:02.1

 FOURTH RACE Winner Nuclear Emma

Jockey Paul Francis Trainer Johnny Wilmot

Distance 5 ½ furlongs Splits 23.3 x 47.4 Final Time 1:09.2

FIFTH RACE Winner Let Him Fly

Jockey Dane Nelson Trainer Anthony Nunes

Distance 8 furlongs Splits 23.3 x 46.4 x 1:12.3 Final Time 1:27.1

SIXTH RACE Winner Milkman

Jockey Youville Pinnock Trainer Dennis Pryce

Distance 7 furlongs Splits 23.3 x 47.2 x 1:14.0 Final Time 1:29.1

SEVENTH RACE Winner Wilson

Jockey Jordan Barrett Trainer Donovan Plummer

Distance 7 furlongs Splits 24.0 x 46.3 x 1:12.2 Final Time 1:27.0

EIGHTH RACE Winner One Don

Jockey Dane Dawkins Trainer Gary Subratie

Distance 8 furlongs one-mile Splits 23.2 x 45.4 x 1:12.4

Final Time 1:42.0

NINTH RACE Winner Moneyman

Jockey Reyan Lewis Trainer David Lee Sin

Distance Nine furlongs and 25 yards

Splits 27.1 x 52.0 x 1:17.3 x 1:45.3 Final Time 2:02.2


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