Born into racing – groom Romeo Hutchinson


KINGSTON, Jamaica – At 24 years old, Romeo Hutchinson is relatively young in the sport of horse racing. Yet, this young man has made a strong and determined commitment to his chosen field, that of being a groom of thoroughbred horses.

Question: How did you get involved in racing?

Romeo Hutchinson (RH): From a boy a grow “inna belly”, I live right near Caymanas Park. I grow into horse racing. I started to come to the track with my father and then started to hold horses for him until I start to help looking after a horse with my father.  So now as a man, I am officially grooming horses and mi win whole heap a races already.

Question: Which stable are you attached to?

RH: I am working with Steven Todd at the moment. But I have worked with Donovan Russell also.

Question: How long have you been working at Steven Todd’s stables?

RH: I am working for Steve Todd for four years now.

Question: Which is the best horse you have groomed?

RH: The best horse that I have looked after so far is Di Cobre.

Question: At age 24, what is your dream?

RH: I want to start looking after a big horse. Though still young and much to learn as a groom, it is a big horse that will show me up as a man who can really groom horses and I have the will to work hard to improve my life to help my family and reach somewhere in this profession by going on to groom a Classic runner and winner. So, I just waiting for my turn.

Question: Getting a Classic horse is something that takes a lot of time, are you willing to wait?

RH: You can’t just jump the line. I just have to wait my turn until better food comes my way. So, I just waiting my turn ‘til Steven Todd kick-off. Is my trainer that. He cares for me and makes me have what I have. I feel if I have to leave Steven Todd, I will leave Caymanas Park for good. So, for the time being, I will go on and wait my turn until my top trainer gets his big horse.

Question: Which is the best horse you have seen race at Cayamas Park.

RH: For me, the best horse I have seen run at Caymanas Park is Will In Charge. I love Will In Charge. He was a good horse for me.

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